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Discover your outdoor potential

Let Sheppard Steel Patios help you create the perfect patio for your home and family. All our patios are custom designed to your specifications and built to not only look fantastic but also endure the harsh Perth climate.

A new patio not only extends your living space, allowing you to entertain outside, but also adds significant value to your home.

Sheppard Steel - Patios
Sheppard Steel - Patios

The Services

  • Sheppard Steel Patios has built hundreds of patios throughout Western Australia.
  • We offer a range of roof styles and elevations including gable, flat-skillion and dome.
  • We manage your project from design to completion, including council approval, leaving you to sit back and enjoy your completed product.
  • Sheppard Steel Patios are fully licensed and insured and only use top quality Australian materials, including 100% Australian-made BlueScope steel.

Expertise and quality

Over the last 20 years Sheppard Steel Patios has built over 100 patios throughout Perth and Western Australia and we can help you design your perfect outdoor entertaining area, carport, patio, covered deck or extension. We have a huge range of roof and awning styles available, including skillion (flat), dome, and gable.

We offer turnkey solutions and will organise your project from start to finish, including council approval if required, leaving you to just admire and enjoy the finished product.
You get the best price but we won’t skimp on quality. Your quote includes a quality job made with quality materials.

Patio styles

Sheppard Steel Patios have a huge range of roof and awning styles available, including skillion (flat), dome, and gable.

Sheppard Steel - Gable Patios

Gable Patios

The gable design establishes a pitched roof that gives your living space a more open feel. Its clear span design removes the need for multiple support beams, which gives your outdoor area a clutter-free look.

Our gable patios are all custom designed to suit your personal requirements. Over the years Sheppard Steel Patios has designed various gable patio designs boasting a wide range of shapes, sizes and styles and we work closely with you to deliver the perfect gable patio solution for you.

Did you know that you can combine both a flat and gable rooftop to give your property a distinct look? Both designs are available as free standing or extensions for your home.

Sheppard Steel - Flat roof Patios

Flat roof Patios

By far the biggest advantage to a flat roofed patio is the cost, flat roofed patios are easier to manufacture and easier to install but still offer great protection and aesthetic features.

Sheppard Steel Patios can custom design any size and shape flat roof patio while keeping with the design aspects of your home. Flat roof patios can also be built with insulated panels to help reduce the heat during summer.

The flat roof patio is extremely flexible in its design, allowing various roofing and guttering profiles to be used.

Sheppard Steel - Freestanding Patios

Freestanding Patios

Sheppard Steel Patios’ range of freestanding patios are perfect for small gardens or around the swimming pool. Each freestanding patio is custom designed and finished in a variety of styles that will fit perfectly with the existing design features of your home.

Our custom freestanding patios can also double as a carport with the option of single or double sized carports with either a gable or flat profile roof finish to suit your home.

Each and every patio is fully engineered using high quality Australian-made products. The finished product is a stable, sturdy structure that’s built to last.

Sheppard Steel - Dome Patios

Dome Patios

Our custom designed curve and dome patios offer a more modern look, providing a spacious environment with their curved roof which allows more natural light to fill the area.

Sheppard Steel Patios design and manufacture your dome patios, built to the highest standard.

Every dome patio we design is uniquely designed to suit your very own needs and tastes. Our experienced team can manage any size dome patio and will complete the necessary council approval work.


Your questions answered

How long will it take for my patio to be built?

Usually from initial go ahead we require a $700 deposit, this covers the cost of your Patio design drawn up to council recommendations, engineer’s drawings and council approval costs.

From there we expect councils to take between 4 – 6 weeks to approve your design.

Once approved we then schedule your job in to be completed within 2-3 weeks depending on scheduling.

How far can I span between the posts?

According to our engineer specifications our largest span is 6.5m using a 150mm x 50mm RHS tube.

What materials do you use?

We only use Australian made quality materials such as Australian Bluescope galvanised steel for our framework, with all of our trusses and special beams being fully welded.

For our roof sheeting, guttering and flashings we use Colorbond products made for the tough Australian climate. And if you choose polycarbonate sheeting we only use the best Suntuf products.

By choosing Sheppard Steel you can be assured on our quality and longevity of our products.

How close am I allowed to go to my boundary fence?

As per council regulations, you are allowed to go up to 1/2metre (500mm) from your boundary fence. We can put posts along your fence line, but the sheeting will need to stop at 500mm off the fence.

Will my new patio effect my house guttering system?

No, all of our flat patios have their own guttering system ensuring water flows efficiently down your patio downpipes.

All our Gable patios have a large box gutter installed and we ensure all water runs efficiently away from your house guttering system.

Can I view your past patio designs?

Yes, we have a display at Aqua Technics in Joondalup, with more displays to come. We also have many photos of our completed jobs on our Facebook page Sheppard Steel Patios and on our website. We pride ourselves on quality workmanship and giving you that quality outdoor oasis.

Does my patio need approval?

Maybe, if your patio is free standing and is less than 10 or 12 square meters (depending on your council) and is under 2.4m in height it will not require council approval. All other patios will require approval.

How long will my patio last?

With regular maintenance you can be enjoying your patio for many years to come. We recommend quarterly cleaning of your patio to remove any built-up grime, dust and salts that may lead to future damage. Warm soapy water using a soft brush is recommended to help keep your patio area spick and spam.

I live near the ocean, what is your patio recommendation?

For properties that are within a kilometre of the ocean we recommend hot drip galvanised posts, followed by a 2 step two pack painted top coat.

How much will my patio cost?

Our pricing system is very competitive. We try to keep your patio cost down to a minimal price while still ensuring we offer you the best product. We will happily compare quote prices, but we do not skimp on materials and only span to engineers’ recommendations.

Please contact us further if you would like more information regarding your quote.