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A welcome addition to any home

Transform your outdoors with a beautifully designed and custom-built timber or composite deck.

Decking looks fantastic within any landscape and provides a great foundation for your patio, pool area or walkway.

One of the largest benefits of decking is its smooth feel on your feet giving you that luxurious feeling and the natural beauty of timber will add value to your home.

Today’s modern decking is more than just wood planks.

There are some stunning, durable, natural Australian species available, as well as a huge range of composite materials that look and feel like natural wood. Feature items, such as lighting, will also transform your decking into a piece of art.

Sheppard Steel - Decking
Sheppard Steel - Decking

Building your new dream deck

At Sheppard Steel Patios we treat each decking project as if it was our own and focus on creating functional spaces for living and entertaining.

There is no decking project that’s too difficult – and with a great range of timbers, lights and other features we can truly make something unique.

We use the highest quality Australian treated pine and hardwoods and we are renowned for our attention to detail and personalised service. We handle all aspects of each custom-built project, including plans, certification, demolition and disposal of existing structures, construction of new decks and roofs. We will work with you to achieve a unique design and hassle-free result.

Decking colours

See samples of the timber colours available.

Sheppard Steel - Solid Timber Decking

Solid Timber Decking

Sheppard Steel - Composite Decking

Composite Decking

Decking FAQs

Your questions answered

What products do you use?

We offer both natural wood and composite decking options.

What frame do you recommend?

We typically use a RHS galvanised tube framework, with the option of treated pine which we use around pools to minimise water damage.

How do I look after my patio deck?

Similar to our patio cleaning recommendations we recommend to keep your deck looking nice and improve longevity regularly maintenance and cleaning is required. We recommend that the deck is kept clean and if natural wood oiled every 6 months.

Hosing with water will help remove built up dirt and grime. We also offer a sustainable eco-friendly option of composite decking which requires no maintenance.

Can I view your products?

We have a patio and deck display at Aqua technic in Joondalup where you can view our products.